Energy Saving Tips!

Energy Saving Tips For the Warmer Weather to come!

Now that we are getting ready for spring you might want to consider getting ready for some spring cleaning!

Every year we get ready for the warmer weather organizing closets, cleaning out flower beds, but have you ever considered getting ready for spring the energy smart way by saving dollars by raising your energy IQ!

Tip number one. Turn back your fans, most people turn the fans to circulate the warmer air down to the floor in the winter but forget to turn them back the other way for the spring. This is one way to save some money for the upcoming months!

#2 Turn down your water heater to the 120 degree setting as you can use cooler water temps to bathe in since we don’t need to have that sauna tub like we all craved in the winter!

#3 Try to find air leaks and seal them up as they tend to use up 44% of all energy per national averages!

#4 Use a good cold water detergent for washing your laundry in, cold water washing is just as effective as hot water with the right detergent and 14 % more efficient!

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