Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work? The energy markets were deregulated on the federal level in 1996. Since then about 14 states have opened up their energy supply to competitive supply. Since then many businesses have taken advantage of deregulation by procuring their energy through a competitive supplier. First Point Power is one of the first companies to offer competitive electricity supply to residential customers in Delaware, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. First Point Power purchases electricity in real-time markets and though negotiated bulk purchases with wholesale providers and passes its savings on to its customers.

Will I receive a separate bill? No – our current utility will continue to bill you as they have always done in the past. Our charge will be shown as the line item “Energy Charge” on page two of your bill and will now show First Point Power. Your current utility will continue to charge you for delivery, transmission, distribution and other charges.
What if the power goes out? You still contact your current utility as you always have. They are required to respond to all customers with equal attention. Your current utility cannot discriminate against our customers because you chose to switch.
Will there be any charge to my service when I switch?No – the change is seamless and your power will not be interrupted. You will not notice a thing until you receive the savings on your first bill with our charges.
If my supplier goes out of business will my power be turned off?No – you will be automatically switched back to your current utility’s service and receive their standard rate as their other customers.
How can you offer a lower rate than my local utility?
Our rates are based on a number of factors including market conditions, enrollment volume, and hedging. First Point Power charges a rate that reflects current market pricing. The local utility’s pricing must set prices high enough to cover substantial overhead costs and insure against potential spikes in market pricing for energy as well as.

Could my rate ever rise above my local utility’s rate?
Unlikely – the rate you are charged will fluctuate monthly to reflect changes in current power market pricing but our studies have shown First Point Power should be able to charge significantly less than your current utility under almost all market conditions.
When will my service start? Your service will begin after the switch has been cleared through your local utility.
Typically it takes one billing cycle but can take up to several.

Can I switch back to my previous service?Yes.we have no cancellation fees and if you return to your local utility’s service you will receive the same terms you did before you changed to us.
How will my utility know I switched?We will notify your utility when you sign up with First Point Power.
Can I switch if Pascoag is my utility?No – We don’t currently offer service to Pascoag customers.


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